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Although less than two weeks old, the She Reads book club has already received an overwhelming response. And with that response we’ve gotten a plethora of questions. Hopefully these answers will help you gain a better understanding of how you can be a part of She Reads, and spread the word to other women who love fiction.

Brandee said, “I am very excited about She Reads! I love to read! How is the book club going to work? Will there be things posted via the blog? Are we reading the books in any certain order?”

How it works:

Each quarter She Reads will select three Christian novels as featured book club selections. Readers will have a variety of options for reading, discussing, and promoting these books:

Existing Book Clubs. Many of our readers are currently members of local book clubs. We encourage you to read our selected titles with your group.

New Book Clubs. We have seen a great deal of interest from women who want to start their own book clubs in their churches or homes. This is a great option for women who desire to connect with others and discuss great fiction. We encourage women to do this and will post information soon on how to start your own She Reads book club.

Online Book Club. Meeting locally is not an option for some readers, so we will provide an online forum and discussion group here at She Reads for women who not not have access to a book club near them, but still want to connect with other readers and the author’s themselves.

What We Will Provide On The Blog:

The She Reads blog will be our main hub for information on each selected title. A few of the things we will offer on this blog are:

– Author Interviews.

– Book Reviews (for books that aren’t chosen as the quarterly selection but are still worth reading).

– Book Trailers.

– Discussion Questions for Book Clubs.

– Author Media Kits.

– Activities, recipes, games, etc. for making book club meetings fun (supplied by authors).

– Book Giveaways.

Should You Read The Books In Any Particular Order?

No. You can read them in any order you like. We hope you will enjoy them all and that you will recommend them to your friends.

Annonymous said, “I don’t blog, twitter, use Facebook, and have not attended SheSpeaks, so can I actually participate in She Reads? If I can participate, how do I sign up for She Reads?”

Yes! That is the beauty of She Reads. There are no requirements from you and there is no cost to participate. We provide a number of forums for discussion such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. but for those of you who simply want to curl up on the couch and read a good book, we encourage you to do so. You are welcome to stop by here occasionally if you’d like to chat with the authors, get some freebies, or connect with other readers.

In September we will launch our new improved website where you will have an option to officially “join” She Reads and receive our free monthly e-zine. Until then, you can follow us (button located in the upper right side) or subscribe to our RSS feed.

We are here to serve you and make your reading experience entertaining and meaningful.

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