YA Book Review: Geek Girl

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Geek GirlI’m a real fan of British entertainment. With shows like Sherlock and The IT Crowd, there’s little the BBC can do that I won’t watch. The same tends to go for a lot of British YA, my love of which started several years ago with Louise Rennison’s hilarious and wonderful Georgia Nicholson series (for more info on that series, see this post on my website: the funniest books I’ve ever read).

Now, new-ish to the United States is GEEK GIRL, the first in a series of books from acclaimed British author Holly Smale. GEEK GIRL has been a bestseller in the UK for a few years, but the first book was just released in the US in 2015, and it’s fabulous. I. Love. It.

In GEEK GIRL, we get to know Harriet Manners, a self-proclaimed geek and anti-fashionista, who avoids everything having to do with your typical teenage girl trappings of clothes, makeup, and shopping. Instead, she tends to run into things (total lack of coordination), get picked on relentlessly, and spout off random tidbits of knowledge (like when she fell and caught herself by grabbing the leg of her chief tormentor: “there are approximately 13,914,291,404 legs in the world – over half of them in trousers – and I had to grab this one?”). She has a best friend, Nat, who’s beautiful in a Barbie sort of way, so Harriet’s shocked when SHE – not Nat – sort of accidentally gets “discovered” by a major modeling agency on a school field trip. What follows is a series of laugh out loud funny incidents, a photoshoot adventure in Russia, and lots of swoony moments with an internationally loved male model. My favorite thing about it, though, is the lessons Harriet learns about herself, her family, and her friends throughout this smartly written romantic comedy.

The second book in the series, GEEK GIRL: MODEL MISFITS, and the third, GEEK GIRL: PICTURE PERFECT, are also out in the US now and are equally as good as the first book. I’m really looking forward to the rest of this series, which will be six books in total. These are perfect for a chilly day when you just want to curl up with something light and fun. Hope you enjoy!

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