Tell Me Something True: A Visit With Laura Spinella

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Laura Spinella

Laura Spinella

Something true, huh? I guess embarrassingly true qualifies? Okay, fine, in the name of creative inspiration: I’m not much for pop culture or topics that trend. If you were to twerk then tweet about it, I probably couldn’t relate to either form of communication.  I don’t watch much television, and if you ask me to name any of Billboard’s hot 100 artists, I might get four, maybe five right.   I’m much sharper with show tunes. However, never let it be said that I’m not susceptible to a pretty face, velvet timbre voice, and a good story—even if I have to make it up.

The Goo Goo Dolls have been around since the late 80s. Back then, when I was of a certain age, and so were they, I saw a photograph of lead singer, John Rzeznik. It stuck to my mind like gum on a shoe. I remember thinking he was so pretty he made your teeth ache. At the time, I invested in some rock star daydreaming, imagining what kind of girl a guy like that would want. I mean really want.  A girl the rock star would want more… Well, more than he wanted to be a rock star.  In defense of my imagination, it refused to cast the clichés, rejecting rail-thin models and dime-a-dozen movie star prototypes. I wondered if the thing that made the girl irresistible to him, and vice versa, could transcend the mock-up that minds will automatically manufacture. I became curious about their boy/girl back story. I mean, there had to be one, right?   There had to be a deep history and something that connected the two in way that survived other relationships and a downward plunge on the charts. It also had to be a bond strong enough, intriguing enough, to trump a rock star life.

My imagination—because it generally gets its way—took things one step further (no disrespect to Mr. Rzeznik here, I have no earthly idea if he’s a jerk or not) thinking how much cooler it would be if said rock star, my rock star, didn’t fit the pop culture mold. What if what made him real went completely against type? For the next twenty plus years, rock stars went their way and I went mine. Although, admittedly, I did toss that saucy thought around, mulling over the possibilities every so often until the characters, their story, and the timing were absolutely perfect.

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Perfect TimingThere’s rock, there’s a hard place, then there’s Aidan & Isabel.  

What’s a Jersey Girl to do when she moves to Catswallow, Alabama? Isabel Lang finds the answer in an unlikely bond with the musically gifted Aidan Roycroft. The two share everything from a first kiss to startling family secrets. But when Aidan is accused of a violent crime, the two flee to Las Vegas where Isabel’s future comes tumbling down.

Seven years later, the past is buried, including any relationship with Aidan. Isabel is busy running a radio station and closing in on commitment with Nate Potter, a guy who defines ideal. Life seems cozy until new station management demands a sudden-death ratings grabber, putting everyone’s future on the line. What should be a simple solution leads to a stunning revelation as Isabel is forced to call on the past and the only rock star she knows.

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  1. Mary Major April 22, 2014 at 10:17 pm #

    I bought your book perfect timing went back they had your second book I love both of them my favorite was perfect timingperfect timingperfect timingare you planning a sequel or are you doing okay another book your writing is fantastic and I’ve done a lot of reading in the last 35 years I am a huge fan and I think your writing is incrediblesincerely Mary major please do somethingI think a sequel to perfect timing would make a lot of people happy thank you huge fan

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