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July Book Club Selection

I must admit that I have a particular fondness for this month’s book club selection. You see, it was written by my best friend and She Reads co-founder, Marybeth Whalen. THE GUEST BOOK is her third novel, and in it we return to idyllic Sunset Beach, North Carolina, the much-loved setting of her debut novel.

This summer marks our third anniversary and as a way of saying thanks for every reader and comment and forum participant we’ve had along the way, we’re giving away three gorgeous, southern-themed gifts: a trip for two to Sunset Beach, a beach-themed gift set, and an all natural soap collection from Southern Soap Factory. Entry details can be found beneath each photo:

Enter into the world of  Sunset Beach, North Carolina!

Grand Prize:  Win a trip for two to Sunset Beach, North Carolina. Three-days and two beautiful nights at The Sunset Inn for two people in a double occupancy room; travel and food stipend included, anticipated retail value: $2,000.

Runners-Up: Three runners-up will win ten copies of THE GUEST BOOK. Share the copies with your reading club so all ten of you can enter into Macy Dillon’s world: anticipated retail value: $149.90 each.

Entry Details:  Enter for a chance to win at www.MarybethWhalen.com. Entries accepted from June 1, 2012-August 31, 2012. Winner will be chosen on, or around September 4, 2012.

Marybeth will be on our discussion forum all month talking with readers about THE GUEST BOOK and she’d love you to join her! All participants of this month’s discussion will be eligible to win the gift set above, including: a copy of THE GUEST BOOK, a  handmade, studio-quality sea glass bracelet and earring set (from ArtShak studio in Southport NC, colors may vary from photo), beach themed candles, and a  beautiful beach towel (colors may vary from photo). Each comment left on the discussion is another entry.

We often get emails from readers wanting to make sure they don’t miss our book announcements and giveaways. Easiest answer: sign up for our free monthly e-newsletter. You can do this at the top of our sidebar, on the right. And because we value each and every reader we’re giving away a  Southern Soap Factory gift set (see above) for one new subscriber to our email newsletter this month. (Full disclosure: my husband is part owner in this company. But I can also tell you that this really is the best soap you will ever use. It’s handcrafted, all natural, and smells like heaven.)

And now, without further ado, a little bit about Marybeth’s novel:

When Macy Dillon was five years old her father encouraged her to draw a picture in the guestbook of a Carolina beach house. The next year, Macy returned to discover a drawing by an unidentified little boy on the facing page. Over the next eleven years the children continue to exchange drawings … until tragedy ends visits to the beach house altogether. During her final trip to Sunset, Macy asks her anonymous friend to draw her one last picture and tells him where to hide the guest book in hopes that one day she will return to find it—and him. Twenty-five years after that first picture, Macy is back at Sunset Beach—this time toting a broken family and a hurting heart. One night, alone by the ocean, Macy asks God to help her find the boy she never forgot, the one whose beautiful pictures touched something deep inside of her. Will she ever find him? And if she does, will the guestbook unite them or merely be the relic of a lost childhood?

You can read the first 40 pages here.

Marybeth Whalen  is the wife of Curt and mom of six children. The family lives outside Charlotte, NC. Marybeth is the author of the novels “The Mailbox, ” “She Makes It Look Easy ” and the upcoming “The Guest Book “. She also serves as director of She Reads, an online book club focused on spotlighting the best in women’s fiction. Marybeth spends most of her time in the grocery store but occasionally escapes long enough to scribble some words. She’s always at work on her next novel.

Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links. ” This means if you click on the link and purchase the book, She Reads will receive a very small commission. These commissions help us pay for the site and the services we offer.  

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The River Witch Giveaway

Hi, friends. This is just a quick reminder that this week is your last chance to enter our giveaway for The River Witch gift basket. One lucky winner will receive everything pictured above. Make sure you leave your comment on this post, where we announced The River Witch as our June book club selection.

Have you read The River Witch? Are you reading it now? You can still join our online discussion. Every comment left on the forum enters you for a chance to win a Kindle.

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Sneak Peek and Getaway Contest


The Sunset Inn -- Sunset Beach, North Carolina

We normally wait until the first Monday of each month to announce our book club selections but we wanted to give you a heads-up about our July pick. She Reads co-founder, Marybeth Whalen, takes us back to Sunset Beach, the setting of her first novel, in her latest release THE GUEST BOOK. And she wants to give you the chance to visit this idyllic oceanside town.

Grand Prize:  Win a trip for two to Sunset Beach, North Carolina. Three-days and two beautiful nights at The Sunset Inn for two people in a double occupancy room; travel and food stipend included, ARV: $2,000.
Runners-Up: Three runners-up will win ten copies of  The Guest Book  by Mary Beth Whalen. Share the copies with your reading club so all ten of you can enter into Macy Dillon’s world. ARV: $149.90 each.
Entry Details:  Enter for a chance to win at www.MarybethWhalen.com. Entries accepted from June 1, 2012-August 31, 2012. Winner will be chosen on, or around September 4, 2012.
THE GUEST BOOK is now available for pre-order. Make sure to grab a copy in time to join our month-long discussion in July.
Twenty-five years after she began exchanging drawings with a mysterious boy in the guestbook of a Carolina beach house, Macy Dillon is back at Sunset Beach—this time toting a hurting heart and a broken family. Will she be able find the man whose drawings moved her so deeply when she was a child? Questions of childhood, loss, and longing for love are explored in author Marybeth Whalen’s touching and thought-provoking,  The Guest Book.
Marybeth Whalen  is the wife of Curt and mom of six children. The family lives outside Charlotte, NC. Marybeth is the author of the novels “The Mailbox,” “She Makes It Look Easy” and the upcoming “The Guest Book”. She also serves as director of She Reads, an online book club focused on spotlighting the best in women’s fiction. Marybeth spends most of her time in the grocery store but occasionally escapes long enough to scribble some words. She’s always at work on her next novel. You can find her online at www.marybethwhalen.com.
We would love for you to enter this amazing contest. But remember, you must do so at Marybeth’s website!

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May Book Club Selection


**Update: entry in May’s giveaway has been closed. We will select winners this weekend. As always, thank you SO much for participating and we hope you stick around in June. We’ve got a great novel lined up for you, along with some exciting giveaways!!

Science is pretty clear that there are two defining chromosomes: X and Y. But, having been married to a Texan for eleven years, I propose that there is a third, even stronger chromosome that trumps all others: TX. Texas. My husband would be the first to tell you that he’s a citizen of Texas first and then the United States. My parents, both Texans, would agree. Years and years ago I dated a man from New Zealand. When I told my grandmother (a third generation Texan) she sniffed and replied, “Don’t go dating any dern feriners. And anyone not born in Texas is a dern feriner.” (She made an exception for me out of necessity–I was born in New Mexico)

All that to say, I have a deep fondness for those with the TX chromosome. So when I heard about Lynda Rutledge’s debut novel, FAITH BASS DARLING’S LAST GARAGE SALE, I knew it was a book I had to read. Charming, quirky, thoughtful, and deeply Texan, it’s a novel that I immediately loved and wanted to share with you.

The talented and generous team at Amy Einhorn Books  has sponsored this month’s giveaway. In honor of Faith Bass Darling we’re giving away a Texas-themed gift basket from New Canaan Farms. Simply leave a comment on this post to enter. I do hope you’ll buy a copy of this heartfelt story and join us this month and we discuss it on our online book club. There is no cost to participate and no long-term commitment. However, everyone who joins us this month will be entered to win a signed copy of Faith Bass Darling’s Last Garage Sale. Every comment on the forum equals another entry.

And now, a bit more about Faith Bass Darling and her eye-popping garage sale:

May Book Club Selection

ON THE LAST DAY OF THE MILLENNIUM, sassy chain-smoking, 70 year old Faith Bass Darling decides to have a garage sale. Why is the richest lady in Bass, Texas, a recluse for twenty years, suddenly emptying her mansion and selling off her dearest—some even priceless—worldly possessions?

Why? God told her to.

As the townspeople grab up the heirlooms of five generations of the town’s founding family, a crowd gathers to witness the sale or try to stop it. Faith’s estranged daughter, Claudia, is summoned home, but after spending half her life running away from Faith and the day everything changed forever, she’s not sure she can face them all again. Bobbie Blankenship, the town’s antique shop owner, who spent her childhood dreaming of life in the big Bass mansion, can’t believe her luck—but will her conscience get in the way of making a killing? Deputy Sheriff John Jasper Johnson, who owes Faith his life, knows he’s got to save her from herself, but can he find a way to stop the sale before everything is gone? And the one person Faith actually calls for help, Father George A. Fallow, is having a crisis of faith.

Before the day is over, they will all examine their roles in the great Bass family saga, as well as some of life’s most imponderable questions:

 Do our possessions possess us?

What are we without our memories?

Is there life after death?

Or second chances here on earth?

And is Faith Darling really selling that 1917 Louis Comfort Tiffany lamp for a $1…???

You can read an except of the book here.

A fifth generation Texas, Lynda Rutledge has hopped across literary and geographic boundaries in her writing career. She’s been a freelance journalist, travel writer, ghostwriter, restaurant and film reviewer, copywriter, college professor, book collaborator, and nonfiction author while living/ writing/ studying in Chicago, San Diego, New Orleans, Madrid, and lots of other heres and theres around the globe.

Currently, she is behaving herself in front of her computer screen in the hill country outside Austin, pursuing those pesky literary pretensions as she enjoys the debut of her novel with Putnam’s Amy Einhorn Books. [Pause for a deeply-felt Hallelujah here.]


(*Sensitive readers will want to know up front that is some emotionally-driven adult language in this novel.)

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April Book Club Selection

Welcome, friends, to a new month and a new book club selection. If you are stopping by after today’s devotion at Proverbs 31 Ministries, we’re delighted you came. You have stumbled upon a group of women who share a love for all things Story. And this month’s story is one that we could not be more excited about: A Watershed Year by Susan Schoenberger!

As usual we have a myriad of prizes to give away. Our first place winner will receive a Kindle, pre-loaded with a copy of A Watershed Year. Two additional winners will each receive a copy of the novel. And one participant of our online discussion group will receive a $35 gift card to Amazon, all courtesy of Guideposts Books. (To enter, simply leave a comment on this post or sign up for our free monthly e-newsletter. Winners will be randomly chosen on April 15th.) If you do not have a local book club, or your schedule prevents you from attending one in person, we highly suggest you join our online group. It’s free and you will find Kindred-book-loving-Spirits from all over the world to engage in discussion with.

And now, a bit about the novel:

A Watershed Year by Susan Schoenberger

It was the year that everything changed.

It made me feel better to think that we could talk, somehow, beyond the end of my life, that I could preserve my presence in some small way. And I haven’t told you everything I should have. I wasn’t finished yet, at least where you are concerned…”

Lucy never confessed her love to her best friend Harlan before he passed away. Two months after his funeral, she is haunted by the power of things left unsaid when she receives the first of his e-mails arranged to be sent after his death. So begins the year that everything changes – Lucy’s watershed year.

In an e-mail Harlan says something that consumes her: He’s certain Lucy is destined for motherhood. In her grief she suddenly rediscovers hope, journeying to Russia to adopt a four-year-old boy. When she meets her son Mat for the first time, she realizes he’s also mending a wounded heart and is just as lost as she is. Together they learn to trust, each helping the other to heal. But just as they’re welcoming their new normal, Mat’s father comes to America to reclaim his son and reveals the truth about Mat’s past, which might shatter Lucy’s fragile family forever.

Susan Schoenberger’s breathtaking and powerful story of love, loss, redemption, and what it means to be a mother will leave you in awe as Lucy, in the depths of her greatest despair, somehow finds her greatest joy and embraces the beauty of second chances.

You can read an excerpt here.

About the Author

Susan Schoenberger

Susan Schoenberger has been a journalist since 1984 at various newspapers, including The Baltimore Sun and The Hartford Courant. Her articles, essays, and short stories have appeared in numerous publications. A Watershed Year is her first novel. Susan lives in West Hartford, CT, with her husband and three children

What others are saying about A Watershed Year:

“A Watershed Year is a well-told tale of life and death and the way, when we least expect it, love can encompass us roundabout. In the intriguing relationship between Lucy and Harlan – a relationship that continues long after the death of one and well into the blossoming of life in another – this author has created a vivid and continuous dream of what it means to create a kind of family, for better and worse. This is a brave and moving novel.” – Bret Lott, author of JEWELL, an Oprah Book Club Selection

“Susan Schoenberger takes us to the softer places of the heart in her debut novel, A Watershed Year, where love – in all its forms and glory – transforms grief into grace.” – Patti Callahan Henry, New York Times Bestselling author

“A Watershed Year traces with subtle humor and grace the months after the death Lucy’s beloved friend Harlan. Schoenberger’s spot-on storytelling adeptly draws out the ways in which our closest relationships can be imperfect and yet continue to transform us. The story often tugged me to tears – as much for the truths it reveals about human interconnectedness as for the pain of Lucy’s grief. However, I never felt manipulated or yanked unwillingly to boo-hoo over standard sorrows. Her characters are lovingly quirky yet complex enough to be believable. You’ve never met them before yet you know they exist!” – Juliette Fay, author Shelter Me and Deep Down True

Win, lose, or draw, we encourage you to pick up a copy of A Watershed Year. This is one novel you don’t want to miss!

On behalf of the She Reads team,


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She Speaks Scholarship Contest!

Update: As of midnight, Eastern Standard Time, comments on this post have been disabled.   Thank you to the nearly 400 women who entered. We look forward to reading your stories and announcing the winner on Tuesday, April 5th.

When it comes to She Reads, and my work on this blog, days like today are my favorite. You see, I love to give stuff away. So strap your boots on gals, we’ve got one doozey of a giveaway for you!

For the last nine years a group of women from Proverbs 31 Ministries have hosted the She Speaks Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina. It’s gotten to be so popular that it sells out, months in advance, with a waiting list in excess of two hundred. Registration for this years conference is already two-thirds full. But every year a few spots are reserved for special scholarships, and thanks to the generosity of Cecil Murphy, we’re giving one away right here.

First, the nuts and bolts of what this scholarship includes:

  • Registration for one person for the 2011 She Speaks conference. The value is $595 and includes two nights in the conference hotel (based on double occupancy), all conference meals, all conference materials, and internet service.  It does not include round trip travel to the conference.
  • The scholarship is non-transferable and cannot be traded for cash or exchanged for other conference options.
  • You can add a private room, extra nights, or a pre-conference seminar to your registration but this will be at your own expense.

And now, the fun part. Here’s how you enter:

At She Reads we truly believe that Story is the shortest distance to the human heart. So we’d like you to tell us a story and leave it in the comments section below. But here’s the catch:


Think this is impossible? Not so my friends. Ernest Hemingway did this once and considered it the best writing of his career.

FOR SALE. BABY SHOES. NEVER WORN. ” — Ernest Hemingway

In six words he packs an emotional wallop and tells us everything we need to know.

So put your thinking caps on, friends, and spin us a miniature yarn. Here are a few additional rules for your entry.

  • You MUST leave your entry in the comments section on this post. No e-mails or entries through the contact form.
  • You MUST also write a post on your blog, Facebook, or Twitter with your six-word story and a link to the She Speaks Conference. Do this before you leave your comment.
  • When you leave your comment on this post, include the link to your blog, Facebook, or Twitter post about this contest. Because we will be checking! Please make sure that your story and your link are included in the same comment.

Comments left through Sunday, April 3rd at midnight will be entered, and the winner will be chosen by the She Reads team.   The winner will be announced on Tuesday, April 5th.   Tell everybody you know!

Also, another division of Proverbs 31 Ministries is giving away a conference scholarship as well. Stop by the She Seeks blog to double your chances of winning.

Ready. Set. Go!

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