Summer Reading

But nothing, to me, beats diving into a good book. I love it when you’re reading a book so wonderful that the world just floats away and it’s just you and the story. And if I’m in or near some water while I’m reading that, all the better!

– Eleanor Brown, NYT bestselling author of The Weird Sisters

Summer is just around the corner. Our neighborhood pool is opens this coming weekend and I am already savoring the idea of long days spent in the sun with a great book open in my lap. If you are like me, summer is synonymous with savoring stories while soaking up sun.

Don’t have any great books to read? Well you’ve come to the right place!

Here at She Reads   we are making it our mission to provide you with plenty of suggestions for great summer reads! We will still be selecting a book for June, July and August, but we will be profiling books above and beyond that, too! Look for the photo at the top of this post to find these books throughout the summer. We’ve got some not-to-be-missed books coming your way. We delight in pointing all of you to authors and stories that will make you think, start discussions, and keep you coming back for more.

We do hope you’ll come back all summer long! Happy reading!

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