She Reads Gives Back

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At She Reads we believe story is the shortest distance to the human heart…but sometimes there’s a lot of stuff that gets in the way between point A and point B. Family, work, all our daily obligations… We just don’t make the time to read.

What we know at She Reads, as busy mothers and professionals ourselves, is that literacy is a gift we can easily take for granted.

Having the luxury to read…not just the time…is something we feel strongly is a powerful instrument of bringing hope, education, and community into the lives of women. That’s why our hearts have always been focused on putting books in the hands of all women. Put a story in the heart of a woman and it will reach her children, her sisters, her family and community at large.

Story inspires. Empowers. Teaches compassion. Brings us together. Raises us above our cirumstances. To Read is to Dream.

And that’s why we’ve started She Reads Gives Back. Through a program with our publishers, each month She Reads supports a book club that has inspired us to think beyond ourselves. These women meet despite the very challenging circumstances of homelessness. They come together to talk about the book, to share a meal with one another and their children, and to offer one another support.   We are so honored to know them.

And do you know what’s unfolded since we began She Reads Gives Back? We’ve been amazed to learn all the way our Blog Network is giving back in their own communities through donations of books and time to charities and literacy programs, volunteering their time or materials to shelters and libraries all over the country! We plan to spotlight their efforts in the future with the hope that they’ll inspire and challenge you, too!

If you would like to get involved with our Women’s Literacy efforts, please contact Kimberly Brock through our contact page.

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