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We are fortunate to partner with some of the most savvy, talented, and intelligent book bloggers in the business. Every quarter these wonderful women read our selections and review them on their websites. We would love for you to visit each of them online and follow on social media. We think you’ll find them kind, witty and able to point you to a good read as they love books more than air.


Alison Law (Southern Spines)

Alison is publisher and editor of, a website that celebrates Books with Backbone. Launched in Fall 2012, Southern Spines is a site where readers can discover and discuss contemporary and classic Southern writers and books from all genres that are set in the Southeastern United States. A Tennessee native living in Atlanta, Alison is pursuing a master’s degree in English with a concentration in literary studies at Georgia State University. She is a professional writer, marketing and social media consultant to a diverse group of VIP clients. She’s also the “football widow ” and fanclub president of a successful fantasy football blogger named Zach, and a stay-at-home kitty mom.

Southern Spines on Facebook |  Twitter: @alisonlaw


Allison (The Book Wheel Blog)

Allison is a wife, full-time professional, and grad student with two great dogs that she loves to pieces. She started reading at the age of 3 and hasn’t stopped since. She reviews mostly literary fiction and political non-fiction, but is open to almost anything, so come stop by The Book Wheel and take a spin around the blog!

Twitter: @thebookwheel | Facebook


Angela Amman

Angela has an undergraduate degree in English and an M.A. in teaching.  Until her son was born, she attempted to convince middle school students that writing workshops were just as exciting as perfecting the art of texting through your pocket. Angela writes at AllParenting and blogs at where she writes about life one book at a time, melding together a love of reading, writing, and the lovely miscellany making up her world.    A managing editor at Write on Edge, she works to grow and nurture an on-line community of creative writers and is a contributing writer at Just Be Enough. Angela and her husband Ryan both grew up in southeastern Michigan and currently live in metro Detroit with their children Abbey and Dylan.

Twitter: @AngelaAmman  | Angela on Facebook


Anita Buice  (Anita Book)

Anita is a retired teacher and administrator of an elementary school for the past 25 years. She originated the Carrollton Pulpwood Queens Chapter, with 52 members and growing. Anita blogs and reviews books at

Anita on Facebook | Twitter:  @needie23  



Anita LeBeau (Anita Loves Books)

Anita began her blog over four years ago in an effort to express her many roles of wife, mom, daughter, friend.   She began to include her passion for reading in book reviews.   With much encouragement from friends and then caring authors she continues to read and blog about books and living with her husband, teen son and twin daughters who are now living away in college.   Anita lives along the east coast of Florida, not far from Orlando.   She reads a wide variety of genres but has a soft spot for women’s fiction.

Anita on Twitter: @AnitaLovesBooks


Ariel PriceAriel Curry (One Little Library)

Ariel is an acquisitions editor in K-12 professional publishing. She likes to read about heroines full of gumption and conflicts fraught with ethical dilemmas. When not working or reading, she is spending time with her handsome husband and their dog, Enyo. Her favorite book is and always will be Jane Eyre.

Ariel on Facebook | Twitter: @arielkcurry 


Ashley Williams (The Book Fetish)

Ashley’s friends describe her as an enigma wrapped in a question mark. By day, she manages software deployments for a global company and will complete a certification in Holistic Nutrition Consulting in January. Her reading tastes are all over the map, but her favorite book of all time is still To Kill A Mockingbird. She blogs mainly about the books she reads, but occasionally what she is thinking or doing.   Ashley loves spending time with her wonderfully diverse group of friends, but when she needs down time you’ll find her watching Sons of Anarchy, Downton Abbey, or the Discovery ID channel.   The soundtrack of her life is as diverse as her reading tastes, but U2 are at the top of the list.

Ashley on Facebook | Twitter: @mybookfetish


Audra (Unabridged Chick)

Audra is a 30-something married lesbian with a thing for literary fiction and historical novels. But she’s also having a pretty torrid affair with gritty noir and some paranormal /supernatural fiction. She loves interesting heroines, gorgeous prose, place as character, and the occasional werewolf. Like her favorite people in the world, ‘bookworm’ could be her middle name, and she never travels without something to read. (Which is why she so love her e-reader!) Audra is an Air Force brat currently living in Boston, where she works full-time for a non-profit.

Audra on Facebook | Twitter: @unabridgedchick


Beth O’Brien (Fuelled by Fiction)

Beth is a twenty-something library assistant living in charming Atlantic Canada. If her nose isn’t in a book, it’s in a cuppa. She also loves board games, hanging out with friends and family, and binge-watching her favourite TV shows. Beth loves fiction in all it’s forms, but her favourite genres are general fiction, literary fiction, and fantasy–both adult and YA. She can also be found with comic books and graphic novels featuring kick-ass leading ladies.

Instagram: @fuelledbyfiction | Twitter: @fuelldbyfiction |Facebook: @Fuelledbyfiction 


Bonnie SchmidtBonnie (Redlady’s Reading Room)

Bonnie is an avid reader and loves to talk about books. Books first came into her life in the first grade when her wonderful teacher inspired in her the love of reading. She started blogging in 2008 to connect with fellow readers and authors and has met amazing people from all over the world. She is a wife, mother and an Occupational Therapist by profession and works part time in school-based therapy. When she is not reading or blogging, she likes spending time with her family, music, movies and travelling.

Bonnie on Facebook | Twitter: @BonnieRedLady

Charlotte LynnCharlotte Lynn (A Soccer Mom’s Book Blog)

Charlotte is a full time soccer mom with a part time job.  She has loved reading for as long as she can remember.  Charlotte was lucky enough to have a classmate ask her to review books for her blog and she have loved every minute of it. After reviewing book with that friend for several years she branched out on her own and began A Soccer Mom’s Book Blog.

Twitter: @CharlotteLynnRe | Charlotte on Facebook


Chelsea Humphrey (The Suspense Is Thrilling Me)Chelsea Humphrey (The Suspense Is Thrilling Me)

Chelsea is a happily married mother of two who’s love of mysteries can be traced back to her first Nancy Drew experience. When not reading and writing book reviews, she likes to drink wine in her jammies and pretend that she exercises. In addition to reviewing on her blog, she also posts to Goodreads and Amazon, while promoting on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She is a proud Top Reviewer on NetGalley in addition to reviewing for She Reads, and she’s currently accepting review requests in print and mobi formats. Please feel free to drop by and introduce yourself.

Twitter: @suspensethrill | Chelsea on Facebook | Instagram: @chelseahumphrey | Goodreads


Cindi Braby (Utah Moms Life)

Cindi is a wife and mother of five young children. After a crazy day running a household, she loves nothing more than unwinding with a great book. Earning a bachelor’s degree in English, Cindi developed a deep love for great literature. She’s been blogging about her family for years and began adding book reviews to the blog because reading is such an important part of her life and she’s passionate about inspiring others to read good books. She hosts a neighborhood book club that meets once a month and regularly stays at her home into the wee hours of the morning.

Twitter: @UtahMomsLife  | Cindi on Facebook


Colleen (Books in the City)

Colleen lives in New York City and works in the pharmaceutical industry. When not reading, she loves to travel – the more far-flung, the better!  She has a special interest in immigrant literature and hosts The Immigrant Stories Challenge at her blog.

Colleen on Twitter: @booksnyc | Facebook


Connie Thompson Vincent

Connie blogs about Sunday dinner, writing, and her life as a widow. The Sunday dinner blogs includes recipes, fond memories of Sunday dinners at her Grandmother’s house, her family, and her new role as a grandmother herself. She is currently working on her first novel she calls contemporary Southern belle fiction. She works professionally as a graphic artist for a packaging printer. Currently, she attends Converse College and will graduate in 2013 with a BFA in Professional and Creative Writing.

Connie on Facebook | Twitter: @connietvincent


Darcy Crowder and Brenna Lauren (It’s Only A Novel)

Darcy and Brenna are co-founders of It’s Only a Novel, a blog about life and writing with a focus on women’s fiction. The mother-daughter team head up a long list of contributors including NYT Best-Selling authors, Haywood Smith, Karen White, and Deborah Smith, with guest authors and the occasional industry insider.   The pair are both published short-story authors with work appearing in the acclaimed Mossy Creek and Sweeter Than Tea anthologies from Belle Books, and are currently pursuing careers in novel and screenplay writing.

Darcy and Brenna on Facebook | Twitter: @ItsOnlyANovel


Darlene Smoliak (Peeking Between the Pages)

Darlene is a forty-something mom of one rambunctious pup named Sam. She has been an avid reader since her mom introduced her to books as a child.  Wanting to share her love of books she started her book blog Peeking Between the Pages in 2008 and has been loving it.  If her nose isn’t in a book then she can be found playing with her pup or spending time with family and friends.

Twitter: @DarElaine | Darlene on Facebook


Emily Lewis (Mrs. Mommy’s Booknerds Book Reviews)

I admit it, I am a booknerd. I love books: the feel, the smell, everything. I love to talk about books, search for books and collect books. It is one of my few passions. I like to share the gift of a good read with others, so I started my blog Mrs Mommy Booknerd’s Book Reviews. I marvel at writers and the journey they can take you on through the pages of a book. I am a mother of 2 fantastic young boys, a booknerd, a wife, a fitness  instructor  and a growth and development teacher for children. I am passionate about being a mother and about books. I feel instilling the love of reading in my children and others is giving them a lifelong gift.

Emily on Twitter: @mommybooknerd | Facebook


Emily Hayes (Writing By Emily)

Emily is a reporter for the Fort Payne Times-Journal in northeast Alabama, as well as a creative writer. She is an avid Apple user, a music festival fanatic, “Eat, Pray, Love” devotee, Chapstick addict, and HIMYM lover.

Twitter: @emilyfordhayes | Facebook


Falise (Poof Books)

With a wave of the wand and a good book in hand travel to places and spaces beyond your imagination. Because reading does not require you to leave the comfort of your own living room or the bunny slippers behind. So if a vacation is not in your plans for this year, take a bookation, you will love it.

Twitter: @PoofBooks


Hallie Sawyer

Hallie is a freelance writer and blogger based in the Kansas City area. She loves to write and blog about the things she is passionate about: health/fitness, her family, great books and the authors who write them, writing, and social media just to name a few. As she chugs down these writing paths, along with the historical novel she is slowly plunking away at, she has recently become part of the Book Savvy PR team where she helps authors build their online platforms and get in touch with their target audience. Some of her favorite books of all time are the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.  When she isn’t writing or reading, she can be found at the gym, on the sidelines cheering and whistling for her kids, hovering near her wine cabinet, chatting on Twitter, or on the ground playing with her two-year-old wheaten terrier, Brogan.

Hallie on Facebook | Twitter: @Hallie_Sawyer


Heather Lindskold (Between the Covers)

Heather has been blogging about books since January 2011. She began Between the Covers as a way to keep her mind active, to share her love of books with others, and to meet new people. Aside from reading, Heather’s other passions are dancing, listening to music, and watching college basketball (go, ‘Cuse!). She’s a bit of a political junkie, she loves nature from a distance, and she has an on-again/off-again love affair with tech gadgets. She grew up in a book-loving family in the Finger Lakes region of New York, was lucky enough to marry into another book-loving family, and currently lives in Central Pennsylvania with her husband, two kids, and two cats.

Heather on Twitter: @Between_Covers | Facebook


Heather O’Roark (Book Addiction)

Heather has been blogging at Book Addiction since late 2007. Reading is Heather’s biggest escape from her day job in banking and blogging has given her the wonderful opportunity to share her love of books with others. She is originally from Chicago but now lives in Central Florida with her husband, dog, and three cats. When not working, reading, or blogging, Heather enjoys traveling, cooking, the beach, enjoying the theme parks and other activities Orlando has to offer, wine, and TV shows (too many to list). Heather reads across all genres and especially loves discovering new authors.

Heather on Twitter: @BookAddictHeath


Heather Wheat

Heather Wheat (Wandering Bark Books)

Heather Wheat is a mother, wife, daughter, etc.; writer, teacher, book-lover, reader, editor, and blogger. She drinks massive amounts of coffee in order to function, and blogs about books—and sometimes about teaching and life—at

Facebook: wanderingbarkbooks | Twitter: @hwheaties | Instagram: hwheaties


HelenBMyNovelOpinionHelen Barlow (My Novel Opinion)

Helen is a thirty-something, wife, and mom of two living 3,000 miles away from her hometown in North-West England. Which is as close to London as she currently is to Washington D.C. from her New Jersey home. She does not drink tea, eat crumpets, or watch Downton Abbey. In fact she may be slightly anti-anglophile! An avid reader since a very early age, Helen started blogging at My Novel Opinion in 2013 when she discovered there was a whole internet full of like-minded people. Primarily a reader of women’s fiction and suspense thrillers, her favorite author will always be Stephen King, whose books she discovered at the age of 12. Helen spends her days wearing many, many hats working at a travel agency, and her evenings reading a book or blogging. Unless Netflix or football interferes.

Twitter: @mynovelopinion | Facebook: mynovelopinion | Instagram: @mynovelopinion


Holly Faur

Holly Faur

Holly Faur grew up traveling all over the western U.S. and Germany pretending each long car ride was by covered wagon. She now lives in her birth state of Michigan with her husband and four little ruffians where she writes modern historical fiction about wonderfully complicated people. She keeps a garden, tackles the art of baking macarons, loves the Great Lakes, & can’t live without her Wellie boots. Her heart belongs in England, so her boys have promised to take her there one day.

Twitter: @holly_faur | Facebook: hollyfaur | Instagram: hmmfaur 

Ingrid Edible TapestryIngrid (Edible Tapestry)

From a very early age I have read cookbooks like novels— curled up on the couch perusing recipe after recipe, scanning images of plated food that tell a story of their own.   Even when immersing myself in a novel, I find I am more


drawn to those in which culinary delights play an integral role in the lives of the characters. I am certain that this literary devotion to food, and the passion my parents helped instill in me for quality ingredients and companionable cooking are what led me to begin a professional cooking career as a young adult.

Ingrid on Facebook | Twitter: @EdibleTapestry

Ionia Martin (Readful Things)

Ionia has had a love of reading her entire life. When other kids were playing with toys and joining groups, Ionia was making friends with the characters in the classic novels she read. Not to say that she isn’t friendly, just that you might have to repeat yourself until she comes up for air between the paragraphs of the novel she’s holding. When she’s not reading, she is teaching Language Arts to elementary children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, continuing her education in the field of behavioral neurology (okay so that still requires reading) and spending time with her four children, significant other and a menagerie of pets, including four dogs, a cat and a chicken named Lord Percival. She is also a wannabe photographer and a classical pianist. Her main literary interests are romance, young adult, women’s fiction, literary fiction and children’s books, although she admittedly reads a little bit of almost anything. Ionia is a blogger who blogs about anything and everything concerning books.

Twitter: @ReadfulThings  


Jael Fogle (As I Turn The Pages)

Jael is a former copy editor/page designer. After seven years of working at night, she is getting used to being awake in the daytime. The rest of the time she is a voracious reader. Jael has been hooked on books since kindergarten. One day, she’s finally going to write down that book she has in her head!! In the meantime, blogging is a good way to support her reading addiction. Her favorite books of all-time
areA Tree Grows in Brooklyn and Like Water for Chocolate.


jamie lapeyrolerie

Jamie Lapeyrolerie (Books and Beverages)

Jamie currently resides in the fabulous town of Austin, Texas (although she’s a Cali girl at heart). Blogging since 2012, she enjoys historical fiction, memoirs, fantasy, books on faith, sports and everything in between. You might also find an occasional post on travel adventures or her favorite TV show. She has a “minor” obsession with all things J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, so she hosts the monthly Inklings Series about their books and even has a podcast. She also writes over at She Laughs With Dignity, a blog on beauty, faith and other such mischief. She hasn’t given up hope that a letter from Hogwarts will arrive, that Gandalf will knock on her door and that she’ll find her way to Narnia.

Twitter: @jamielynne82 | Facebook: jamielynne82 | Instagram: /jamielynne82/


Jenna FacendaJenna Faccenda

Jenna Faccenda is an undergraduate studying Journalism and Public Relations. A total book nerd, she aspires to work towards a career in publishing. Whenever she gets the chance she has her nose buried in a book. Jenna is a mom to a spontaneous toddler, humongous dog, and two fluffy kitty cats. With a novel in the works you can find Jenna at writing conferences, classes, and critique groups, or over at her blog Writely Me where she shares her love of school, family, and literature.

Twitter: @faccenda_Jenna | Facebook: writelyme  | Instagram: jlfaccend | Pinterest: jennafaccenda


Jennifer Hartling (The Relentless Reader)

Jennifer is a book loving, liberal thinking, beer drinking, football watching, history studying, cheese eating, glasses wearing, knowledge seeking, small town Wisconsin girl. Her love of reading started when she was a child and hasn’t abated for a moment. For as long as she can remember she’s been the girl with her nose stuck in a book. Few things have given her what books have. Knowledge, tolerance, escape, entertainment, comfort, adventure, ideas. She started blogging because she wants to share all that nerdy book joy with fellow book lovers. She’s here to chat about books with YOU, the people that would rather curl up with a good book than anything else. She knows you’re out there and she sincerely hope you’ll join her.

Twitter: @JenHartling | Jennifer on Facebook


Jennifer Lawrence (Jenn’s Bookshelves)

Jenn has been reviewing books for over a decade, the last four years at Jenn’s Bookshelves. She’s a strong supporter of independent bookstores; her second home is One More Page Books in Arlington, VA where she moderates the monthly store book club. When she’s not blogging or hanging out at the bookstore, she loves spending time with her husband, two sons, two cats & a dog!

Jenn on Facebook | Twitter: @jennbookshelves


Jessica Taylor (Shoes Fashion Fitness)

Jessica is a 26 year old from Canada. She currently lives in New Brunswick with her boyfriend, her little brother, her mom, their 5 dogs, and a turtle. She enjoys reading, writing, running, Tae Kwon Do, and all things fashion. You can find out more about Jessica at

Twitter: @lolashoelove  | Jessica on Facebook


Jo Wnorowski (This Perfectly Imperfect Life)

Jo’s lifelong passion for reading started before preschool, writing followed suit at eleven when she discovered Little Women, and a love of Southern lit began with To Kill A Mockingbird at fifteen. Now in addition, she is a forty something stay-at-home spoonie and gardener. Rheumatoid Disease affects nearly every aspect of her daily life (including reading, it’s much more than just arthritis), but she hopes to one day to accomplish her goal of becoming a published author. Jo and her husband currently live at the Jersey bayShore.


Joanna McNeal Carden (A Worn Path)

Joanna is a Reading/ Language Arts teacher by day, book blogger by night. She went to college at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and idealistically received a degree in English: Language and Literature with a minor in Women’s Studies. Finding perfect careers in neither path, she began teaching high school English in 2004. After dabbling in various careers (among them, a bank teller and a social worker in the mental health field), she returned to teaching in 2010. When she isn’t reading southern literature or the latest book in a long list of favorite mystery series, she devotes her time to teaching middle schoolers the ins and outs of punctuation and grammar. Her goal each school year is to share her love for reading with each of her students, and to see a love of books grow in them. Joanna is married and has an eleven-year-old stepson. She is expecting her first child (a girl) in October.

Twitter: @joannamcneal


Julie (Girls Just Reading)

Julie’s love of reading began in the fourth grade with The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. That book transported her to a different world for the first time. She’s had a book in hand ever since. Julie has been collaborating with Girls Just Reading since it’s launch in 2007 and loves the different tastes in books represented by their review team. She enjoys the community they have created and her ability to share her love of books with others. Julie is known for lending out books to friends and family as well; although she does expect them returned to her so that some day when she has that big library in her house, she will have books to fill it.

Julie on Twitter: @JulieJustReads


Doing DeweyKatie Wilkins (Doing Dewey)

Katie is a busy computational biology graduate student at Cornell University, but uses her occasional spare time to write the blog Doing Dewey. The blog was started to track a (perhaps overly ambitious) project to read a book for every number in the Dewey Decimal system but has evolved into an eclectic mix of many genres. Lately she’s particularly enjoyed narrative non-fiction and magical realism, but would love to get book recommendations in any genre.

Facebook  | Twitter:  @DoingDewey


Kari Anderson (The Kari AnnAlysis)

Kari started blogging after falling in love with Jane Eyre and needing to tell anyone who would listen about it. She had no idea when she started blogging about books where it would take her in the book community. She has met so many people that she now considers friends and her love for reading has grown tremendously, along with the numbers of books on her shelves. Kari is a television news producer in West Virginia during the day, a wife, and a  knitter, reader, and blogger in the evenings. She hopes to one day have her books floating around the blogging community.

Twitter: @KariAnnAlysis


Kate_UngerKate Unger (Opinionated Book Lover)

Kate is a reader, an introvert, a lover of deep friendships, a wife, and a mother of one who works full time. She started blogging in May 2015, and she has two blogs. Opinionated Book Lover focuses on adult and young adult books because they are her greatest material love. Kate has a lot of opinions, ideas, and thoughts, bookish and otherwise, and she loves writing about them and connecting with other readers who share her passion for books.

Katie Ziegler (Life Between Words)

Since she was a kid, Katie has been described as having her head in the clouds and her nose in a book. A lover of words and stories, Katie got her bachelor’s degree in English and her masters in Communication management in the hopes that her career would always involve storytelling in some way. And while she works part-time for a non-profit as a writer and editor, it’s in her reading life that she’s most at home. So, in 2016 she began a youtube channel (booktube) where she could talk about all the things that strike her fancy the most – namely books and a little bit of her life. Hence why her channel is called Life Between Words. When not curled up with a book, she dreams about someday writing a book of her own and spends the rest of her time feeding the imagination (and the mouths) of her two little boys.

Find Katie on GoodReads | Twitter | Instagram


Katherine Scott Jones

Katherine Scott Jones. Boutique novelist, book enthusiast, world traveler. Wife to one cool engineer, mom to two miraculous kids. She loves God, great books, black coffee, red wine, Harry Connick Jr., and British drama. Author of Her Memory of Music(Redemption Press, 2017) and The Shadow Sister (2018), she writes stories to celebrate beauty amidst the brokenness. Katherine lives near Seattle, where she enjoys the rain—especially when it involves a pot of Earl Grey, an unputdownable novel, and one small gray cat.

Find her on Twitter: @KatherineSJones or Pinterest or Instagram


Kathryn Trask

Kathryn Trask (The Book Date)

Kathryn lives in New Zealand and has always loved to read. She grew up reading Enid Blyton and stories about Heidi, Anne of Green Gables and many more. She was a teacher for forty years, her biggest joy was sharing a passion for reading with her students. She is now retired and enjoying a leisurely life, which means lots of time to read!  She has been a book blogger for three years at the Book Date. She likes to read women’s fiction, romance, fantasy, some historical fiction and nonfiction. Favorite authors have been/are Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Susan Wiggs, Robyn Carr, Diana Gabaldon and Emilie Richards. Since beginning to book blog the number of favorite authors has grown exponentially and now includes many others. When not reading she likes to do jigsaws, and is enjoying learning to code and quilt.

Twitter: @theBookDate | Facebook: Kathryn@theBookDate


Katie Fransen (Book Adict Katie)

Katie is an avid reader who also happens to be a bookseller and librarian.   She has worked in the book world for 9 years, and is now the book buyer at One More Page Books in Arlington, Virginia.   She writes as Book Addict Katie to share all of her favorite books.

Katie on Facebook | Twitter: @bookaddictkatie


Kerry Ann Morgan (Vinobaby’s Voice)

Kerry Ann Morgan is a lover of words, wine, and wit. She’s savored every moment of her torrid thirty-year affair with books. Only a tempting new recipe, third-grade homework, or a glass of cheap wine can lure her away from the written word.    (No wait—she enjoys reading while sipping a glass of wine, too.) Though most people assume she’s “just ” a stay at home mom, she spends her days hacking away at yet another draft of her novel, writing/editing for various websites, or ranting on her own blog  Vinobaby’s Voice.   She lives with her family and two ferocious cats in the Florida suburbs.

Kerry Ann on Facebook | Twitter:  @vinobaby1


Kimmery MartinKimmery Martin

Kimmery Martin is a doctor, mother, author, and professional book nerd. She reviews books of all genres, interviews authors, and edits her son’s middle grade book reviews at, working as an ER physician in her spare time. She’s also the author of the upcoming women’s fiction novel Trauma Queen, to be published by Penguin Random House: a riveting, witty novel about love and betrayal set against a backdrop of hospital rounds and life-or-death decisions, in which a trauma surgeon and a pediatrician confront a startling secret at the core of their friendship. Look for it in late 2017.

Facebook: kimberly.books  | Twitter: @kimmerym  |  Instagram: kimmerymartin


Kristin Thorvaldsen (Always With a Book)

Kristim loves to read and always has a book with her wherever she goes – so that aptly became the name of her book blog when she started it in February of 2010. She is happily married and has have a chocolate lab, named Maddie. She enjoys reading women’s fiction, historical fiction, and cozy mysteries. Since blogging, she has come across many new authors and even started listening to audio books. In addition to reading, Kristin also likes to scrapbook, crochet, bake and do yoga.

Twitter: @alwayswithabook


FullSizeRender-2Laura Agnella (The Book Junkie)

Laura has a masters degree in education and taught 4th grade for 15 years.  She is now a technology resource specialist in her school district.  Laura is married, a mom of two kids and a spoiled kitty, and is an avid reader.  While most of her books are ebooks and audiobooks, she still loves to go to the bookstore and hold a paperback in her hand once in a while. Ebooks are her favorite because she can carry her library with her wherever she goes. When she isn’t reading or blogging, she enjoys jigsaw puzzles, movies, video games, and going to the beach with her kids.  Laura enjoys most genre of books with her favorites being historical fiction, paranormal romance, and young adult fantasy.

Twitter: @lagnella

Lauren Margolin (

Lauren is a freelance writer, and a book blogger. She’s reviewed hundreds of books and gives honest and relatable opinions, which has built her a loyal and trusted following. She connects with authors, publishers and industry reps as well as fellow readers, which makes her speaking engagements both enlightening and informative. Lauren gives presentations at libraries and community events of all kinds. In addition, she facilitates thought provoking book clubs in the Chicago area and by Skype with groups around the country. She loves all things regarding reading and the appreciation of books.

Find Lauren on Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Laurie Mullarky (Laurie’s Lit Picks)

Laurie spent thirty years of her life in the classroom where she was always passionate about putting books into her students’ hands that provoked emotion and conversation. She refused to teach any novel that she was not herself inspired by, and advocated for ridding the textbook room of the ‘dead white male club.’ At the end of her career, Laurie chose to become a bookseller at the local indie bookstore. Today, she continues to write an active blog that many locals and teachers depend upon for book choices, as well as review books in Bellingham Alive magazine and the Village Bookstore blog. She has an eclectic reading taste and will read pretty much anything, but does have a soft spot for magical fantasy after listening to the Oz books on her father’s lap, as well as books on social justice which feed her bleeding heart.

Laurie on Facebook  | GoodReads  | Instagram  


head shot-2Lindsey Stefan  (Literary Lindsey)

Lindsey is a proud Jersey girl who has always loved to read and point out the grammatical errors of other people. So now she reviews books on her blog and works as a freelance editor. Lindsey and her husband are raising two little readers. She also sings, plays the piano, and enjoys cooking and baking (although she enjoys it more when she doesn’t have to clean the kitchen afterwards). Lindsey’s reading loves are literary fiction, historical fiction, and spiritual memoir, but she is open to reading just about anything that lives between two covers!

Twitter: @LiteraryLindsey  


 Megan Kloustin (The Hungry Bookworm)

Megan started The Hungry Bookworm as an outlet for her loves of reading and eating. In a typical post, she pairs a book review with a recipe inspired by it. Megan also participates in weekly/monthly book memes as another way to connect with other book bloggers. When not reading, cooking or blogging about it, Megan works in advertising. She lives in Michigan with her husband, adorable pup and a growing pile of books.
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Monica (The Readathon)

Monica loves to read. She begged her mom to let her read chapter books long before she was  actually able to  read them, and hasn’t stopped reading since. Her favorite book is Les Miserables (the unabridged version), but she also loves The Count of Monte Cristo (also the unabridged version), anything by Jane Austen, Anne of Green Gables, and anything with the word “classic” next to it. Monica graduated from Utah State University with a degree in Elementary Education. She taught first grade until her first kiddo was born, and has been a stay-at-home mom ever since. She now has four amazing kids (2 of each flavor), and enjoys reading to them, helping out at school, and watching them get caught up in a book. She has an incredible husband who supports her book addiction and is always patient when she endlessly describes the plot of each book. Monica started The Readathon about four years ago because she wanted a place to go where she could get a heads-up as to what content  to expect in a book. At the end of each review she posts a movie-type rating and an age recommendation for each book.

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The Midwest Ladies Who Lit

The Midwest Ladies Who Lit are professionals by day, booknerds by night. Amber, Amy, Holly, and Kristen are four book-loving ladies living in Wisconsin and Illinois. Our journey together began back in the summer of 2016 when we met at an author signing. Shortly thereafter, Midwest Ladies Who Lit was born and we’ve been blogging, reviewing, and booknerding together ever since!

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Laura Kay (A Novel Review)

Laura is a stay at home mom and has 4 kids (21-3). She lives in TN with her husband and three of her four children (two dogs and two cats). She has always loved reading and writing. As her kids got a little older, she finally began having time to read again! Laura started thinking how it would be great to have some devoted time to writing each week and decided blogging would allow her to combine two of her favorite things…and A Novel Review was born.

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Leah Hasenoehrl (Amused By Books)

Reading rates are declining everywhere so if I can get even one person excited in a new book than I’m a happy camper! I like to create a place that is all about books, talking about how wonderful a great new book is and a fabulous forgotten classic is as well. Don’t forget how beautiful they are to decorate with, useful they are to cook with, and you need them to guide you through all kinds of things in life. My goal is simple: let’s keep reading!

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599Lisa S. (Books In The Burbs)

Lisa describes herself as a Texas suburban mom, who loves blogging. She has been married for over 20 years, has 3 children, and 3 dogs.  Equipped with her Nook and Kindle, Lisa loves a great book!  Her favorite store is any bookstore, where she is often found taking pictures of book covers so that she can purchase them on her readers.  Lisa joined the blogging community because many of her friends and family would ask her about book recommendations.  Blogging became a natural extension to share about books read, author interviews, and meeting other readers. Lisa loves supporting authors and their work, so she loves to share her reads with others on many sites.  However, the best part about blogging has been the wonderful blogging community that has embraced Lisa and appreciates her joy for reading!

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Michelle Shannon (That’s What She Read)

Michelle is a thirty-something mother of two, wife of one, and full-time financial accountant who is valiantly trying to maintain some sort of balance between family, career, and personal interests. She has been an avid reader since the age of three and an active blogger for over four years. If she isn’t performing her duties as the family chef, chauffer, laundress, housekeeper, personal shopper, and family accountant, she can be found staring at her smartphone tweeting, looking at pictures on Instagram, or chatting with someone on Facebook. If she isn’t on her phone, then she is hiding somewhere in her house with her nose buried in a book!

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MizB (Should Be Reading)

MizB (short for “Mizbooks”) has been blogging since 2005, and through her near-daily bookish memes, has developed quite the following of fellow bloggers. She is an avid reader, averaging 75 books per year, and has been reviewing books since September 2005. MizB has reviewed for Romantic Times BOOK Club Magazine, Bethany House publishers, and various authors, and now does independent book reviewing for FIRST Wild Card Tours, LitFuse Publicity, FaithWords, and Graf-Martin Communications. MizB is a married mom of two kids, lives in Ontario, Canada, and works as a Program Assistant for a small business help centre. Her favorite genres are young adult (fantasy & romance), Christian Living, and non-fiction about entrepreneurship, writing, weight loss, and business.

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Reeka BolandReeka Boland (Bound By Words)

Reeka is a 20-something bookseller and blogger from Toronto, Canada. Books are her only drug of choice, and words, her escape from real life. When she is not blogging, or devouring five books at a time, she can be found daydreaming about a vacation, or spending time outdoors with her boyfriend. She enjoys contemporary fiction, with a hint of the controversial thrown in. She is also dangerously in love with tea. She’s been blogging at BoundbyWords since July 2012, and is really enjoying the chance to share her love for the written word.

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Rhiannon Johnson (Ivory Owl Reviews)

Rhiannon read under the covers with a flashlight as a child.   As a teen, she read novels in history class. Now as a busy wife and mother she answers “When I finish this chapter! ” to the question “When’s dinner? ”   She loves all books but prefers a strong female protagonist.  Rhiannon obtained a bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in Women’s Studies from the University of Georgia.   After relocating from rural Illinois to the northeast Atlanta suburbs over 10 years ago, she’s starting to consider herself a Southerner.   But you still won’t catch her saying “y’all. ”

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River JordanRiver Jordan

River Jordan is a novelist, playwright, and radio host. She has published four novels: The Gin Girls, Saints in Limbo, The Messenger of Magnolia Street, and The Miracle of Mercy Land, as well as a non-fiction work, Praying for Strangers, An Adventure of the Human Spirit, published by Penguin/Berkley April 5, 2011. River teaches and speaks around the country on “The Power of Story”, and produces and hosts the radio show Clearstory Radio from Nashville. When not traveling the back roads of America, River lives with her husband and their Great Pyrenees lap dog in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Samantha March (ChickLitPlus)

Samantha is an author, editor, publisher, blogger, and all around book lover. She runs the popular book/women’s lifestyle blog ChickLitPlus, which keeps her bookshelf stocked with the latest reads and up to date on all things health, fitness, fashion, and celebrity related. In 2011 she launched her independent publishing company Marching Ink and her debut novel Destined to Fail. When she isn’t reading, writing, or blogging, you can find her cheering for the Green Bay Packers.

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Sheila DeChantal (Book Journey)

Sheila lives in Brainerd Minnesota.  Among her love of bike riding, 5k runs and striving to complete a half marathon this year, she is also an avid book lover and has been for as long as she can remember.  Sheila started the blog Book Journey in June of 2009 to keep an online record of her reading.  She had no idea at the time that it would lead to the amazing friends she has met through book blogging and to New York for the Book Expo the past three years.  Her love for books has only grown through this time.

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DSCN0035Stacy Millican (The Novel Life)

Stacy is a mom to three “new adults,” Yaya to a sweet baby grandson, and keeper of one very spoiled standard poodle.  Reading helped Stacy to survive those awkward middle school days, allowed journeys to foreign lands when high school history got too dry, and stayed her needed refuge and escape on into adulthood.  Fast-forward through a non-profit career working with abused children to January of 2010 when The Novel Life was born.  Now Stacy cannot imagine life without this wonderful online  community of book lovers!

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Stacy Putnam (Stacy’s Books)

I’m a full-time mom and wife who has spent years losing myself in books.   After  a degree in  English Ed., five years as a Barnes & Noble manager and a year or so behind a library reference desk, I finally found my bookish home in the book blogging community.   Five years later and still loving it.

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Suzy Leopold (Suzy Approved)

Like many others, I have a passion for books and reading.  I found that my tastes in novels were a bit outside of the norm.  While I did indulge in the traditional book genres, I kept seeking out stories with more of an edge.  I couldn’t find a good source for these books and that became my inspiration for the SuzyApproved blog. This is a big deviation from my prior work experience as a CPA for media and consumer companies.

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my husband and two teenage sons in Connecticut.  We love travelling together along with binge watching the latest series off of Netflix.  I love to exercise and I try to get my daily fix of spinning or pilates.

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Tamara Welch (Traveling With T)

Tamara’s first literary loves were The Babysitter’s Club, Nancy Drew, and Sweet Valley Twins. While her reading tastes have changed some, these 3 still hold a special place in her heart- as they introduced her to reading.   Book signings, movies, concerts, and baseball games are some of Tamara’s other ideas of fun.  An ideal day for Tamara is sitting in her hot pink Adirondack chair with a good book and a frosty cool drink. Her blog (TravelingWithT) was created for the purpose of talking about small town charms and books. Favorite song is “Days Like This ” by Van Morrison and favorite movie is Steel Magnolias. Ultimate dream- opening a book store near a beach so two of her passions could be combined: reading and the beach.

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Tanya (Mom’s Small Victories)

Tanya blogs at Mom’s Small Victories and is a wife and SAHM of 3 boys. She endures Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), a chronic and incurable illness, by celebrating the small victories in her life. Planner addict, avid reader, recipe hoarder & world traveler through books & food. Inspiring you to read, eat, live & blog well! Tanya loves to read literary fiction, cultural fiction, historical fiction, mysteries, classics and nonfiction. She co-hosts the Travel the World in Books Reading Challenge to encourage readers to learn about and travel to other cultures and countries in books. Stop by and chat about life and books, she’d love to hear from you!

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Taylor Bradford (Pink Heels Pink Truck)

Taylor is Lifestyle Blogger from Texas who loves all things Pink! She is a book hoarder, high heel lover, dream chaser, wanna-be-fashionista and blogger extraordinaire. Her love of books really began in 3rd grade when she was introduced to Nancy Drew, although she was a reader from the day she began to read. Some of her favorite authors include Sue Grafton, Jennifer Crusie, Janet Evanovich, Erin Morgenstern and Mary Kay Andrews. She currently has an entire book case full of books on her “to-read” list, but that doesn’t stop her from buying more. She is the co-founder/co-host of an online book club that meets monthly on twitter. Taylor also wears many hats in her life (she’s know as a “jane of all trades”): Wife, Petroleum Landman, Personal Trainer, Landlord, Entrepreneur and Used Car Lot Owner. She graduated from Texas Christian University with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and a Minor in Business.

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Teresa Krueger (Teresa’s Reading Corner)

I’ve loved reading for as long as I can remember. I realized as a child that a good book can transport you anywhere you want to go.  I began Teresa’s Reading Corner in early 2010 in order to share those experiences with others. Since starting the blog I’ve discovered so many new authors and genres and my excitement for books has grown exponentially.  I’ve also discovered the wonder of audio books and began hosting the Audio Book Challenge in 2011. When I’m not reading, writing about reading, or reading about reading I am enjoying life with my husband, my two little monkeys and our dog.

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The Lisas (Lisa Cheney and Lisa Craig)

Co-authors in different states who write hen-lit novels and talk on the phone, rarely using our indoor voices for either.

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Book CupcakesTonya Speelman (Stuck On Books)

I am a daughter of the King, currently located in the southeastern corner of Washington. I have four children, the oldest serving in the US Navy! We also three others still at home, 16, 15 and 11. We love to be outdoors a lot together, but when not exploring God’s country, I LOVE to read and talk about books!!  I have so many favorite authors but I highly recommend Jane Kirkpatrick, Marybeth Whalen and Miralee Farrell to name a few!


Traci KeelTraci Keel (Total Momsense)

Traci is a writer, a teacher, a wife of a football coach, a mother of teenagers, and a lover of dogs.  She has been writing about her family, SEC football, and books on her blog, Total Momsense, for five years and now she is working on a novel.  A professed introvert, she loves to get lost in books.  During the school year you will find her teaching high school freshmen and in the summer you will find her either in the South Carolina Lowcountry or in her garden in Franklin, Tennessee.  She also loves to go on outdoor adventures with her husband and children.

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Vera Omidpanah (Luxury Reading)

Vera is 29 years old and married with pets. She is a healthcare consultant by day and book blogger by night.  Vera started Luxury Reading because she loves reading, but never had anyone to discuss books with. Blogging has been a great outlet for her to share her reading experiences with others, to converse with authors, publicists and other bloggers. She never realized how big the book blogging world was until she started her own blog, and it’s definitely been a very rewarding experience.

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