A Room Of Her Own: The Writing Space of Chevy Stevens

Today’s post by this month’s featured author, Chevy Stevens | @ChevyStevens

A Room of Her Own 1


This is my office in the house, which has a balcony that overlooks our neighborhood. Oona, our lab corgi cross, loves sitting out there and keeping an eye on things. I don’t have as much room for bookshelves as I’d like, so sadly many of my books are packed away, waiting for the day when I have a library. In one corner I have a vision board—the same one I’ve had for years. I add things as I go along, photos and inspirational statements. I also have a white board where I work on the outline for my books.

A Room of Her Own 2

I haven’t been working in my inside office as much in the last couple of months, though. It’s too hard on my daughter, Piper. She is only a year and a half and every time she sees me coming downstairs for a cup of tea, or hears me moving around upstairs, she gets upset and doesn’t understand why she can’t be with me. It’s hard to focus when you have a toddler yelling, “Momma! Momma!” from the bottom of the stairs. I do let her play in my office sometimes, but then it usually looks like a hurricane hit—she loves nothing more than to throw all my books on the floor or rummage around under my desk. These days I work out in our travel trailer during the day. Oona likes to sleep on the seat beside me, with her head resting on my leg. It’s nice and quiet, and cozy. I also have a great view of our backyard and trees.

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  1. Katherine Jones July 23, 2014 at 10:17 am #

    Oona is the best part of both writing spaces. 🙂 I myself always find that writing is more pleasurable–and therefore comes more easily–when there is a docile dog lying somewhere about.

  2. Melissa Crytzer Fry July 23, 2014 at 10:17 pm #

    Ahh… this post brings back memories. For years, I wrote in what I called my “writing studio on wheels,” until we sold it. I really do miss that private space; I was most creative in the camper, it seemed. My new office will have a wall covered in white-board wallpaper for fiction brainstorming. CANNOT wait!

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