Why You Should Read A Christmas Novel Now: Part Four

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Welcome back to our Christmas series! Today we have Alexandra Brown sharing her favorite Christmas memory. To read the first three parts in this series click here, here, and here. And don’t forget that we have all five books up for grabs this week to one lucky winner. See the entry form below for details.

Alexandra Brown

Alexandra Brown

My most meaningful Christmas memory is most definitely the first festive season that we spent with our daughter. She was just over a year old on the actual day, December 25th, and I’ll never forget the look on her face when she saw the mountain of sparkly wrapped presents piled up under the real pine Christmas tree for her, the scent of which still now evokes that wonderful moment with just one whiff.

You see, my husband and I had gone completely overboard with the presents for a very special reason. We had adopted our daughter a few months earlier after years of trying and failing to start a family of our own, involving several losses followed by periods of overwhelming sadness. But at last, our dream had come true. We were a proper little family.

It was such a magical day full of love, laughter and lots of special photo opportunities. I felt as though I had won the lottery, been given the best present ever … and if that wasn’t enough, my darling daughter made the most meaningful Christmas memory even more meaningful by sharing a ‘first’ with us, something all adoptive parents cherish – she took her first steps. Five very wobbly steps. Yes, she toddled across the room to me with her arms outstretched and her forehead creased in concentration as I cried a river of utter joy, before scooping her up into my arms and twirling around, whispering words of thanks to her for choosing me to be her mummy and making my life complete.


The Great Christmas Knit offIn the tradition of Trisha Ashley and Jenny Colgan, this first book in a new series by Alexandra Brown—author of the popular Cupcakes at Carrington’s series—tells the hilarious, heartwarming story of a jilted bride who anticipates a lonely Christmas but instead finds herself in the tiny village of Tindledale, where the residents share her obsession with knitting.

When life unravels, it’s time to knit…

Sybil has always taken comfort in her passion for knitting, creating beautiful knits stitch by stitch. But her world suddenly unravels when her fiancé ditches her for her identical twin sister at her Star Wars-themed wedding, leaving her sporting a Princess Leia do. Then things go from bad to worse when an incident at work jeopardizes her job.

Hoping to escape her woes and forget that she’ll be alone for Christmas this year, she visits her friend in Tindledale—a winter wonderland of quaint shops and snowy rooftops. When she arrives in the idyllic town, she can’t help feeling like she’s in a Hallmark greeting card. She’s embraced by welcoming—if eccentric—locals wearing handmade knits that remind Sybil of her own creations as well as her unrealized ambitions of selling them. So when the vintage boutique asks her to make an assortment of knits for their display window, she’s thrilled. The hot town doctor has even taken an interest in Sybil, hoping to heal her broken heart.

But just when Sybil thinks she’s going to have her fairytale Christmas after all, an unexpected turn of events threatens to unspool her happily ever after.


Christmas Collage


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