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Today’s post by Marybeth Whalen and Ariel Lawhon | @MarybethWhalen and @ArielLawhon

It’s Independent Bookstore Day! Which means today’s the day to get thee to a local indie and show them some love. And by love we mean buy lots and lots of books. In honor of this special day, we decided to share some of our favorite indie bookstores, both near and far.

Marybeth’s favorites:

Park Road Books is my local indie. It’s run by a top notch, caring staff of book lovers who are only too willing to talk about and share books with readers. I’ve been to my fair share of live events and been able to connect with some of my favorite writers there through readings and gatherings– something I can’t get anywhere else!

Pelican Books is my home away from home indie– located at Sunset Beach NC it’s always part of my vacation plans and the first place I go to to get my beach reads for the season. Thanks to the book mavens of Pelican Books, I found Jodi Picoult, Patti Callahan Henry, and Karen White. I have such fond memories of browsing their wonderful selection of books, usually while my family sat waiting to get to the beach! But every true reader knows that book love can’t be rushed.

Ariel’s favorites:

Parnassus Books

Parnassus Books is my local indie in Nashville. I know, I’m spoiled. But I can’t apologize because I simply adore this bookstore. They graciously hosted¬†the book release party for my novel and they’ve invited me to participate in a dozen events since then. I love their staff. I love their owners. And–this is no small thing–I love the entire menagerie of shop dogs that are lounging around on any given day. I don’t say this about many things, but this store lives up to all the hype. I’ll be there tonight as a matter of fact.

Fox Tale Book Shoppe

FoxTale Book Shoppe was the first store that ever hosted me for an event and they set the standard for being gracious, charming, and absolutely wonderful. The Foxes are among my favorite booksellers anywhere and I don’t believe you’ll find a more passionate group of book lovers anywhere. Every time I walk in the door it feels a bit like coming home. You can’t ask for more than that.

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  1. bermudaonion (Kathy) May 2, 2015 at 10:17 am #

    I’ve been to two of those and would like to visit the third one!

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