Happy Fourth of July!

We hope you’re off somewhere with those you love eating something fresh from the grill and setting off mildly dangerous explosives in your back yard.

We hope you’re lying on a patch of warm grass with a hat over your face and a book spread open on your chest while you nap.

We hope you’re surrounded by children and grandparents and laughter and food and bug spray.

We hope you remember how profoundly lucky we are to live in a country where children still get a childhood, where men and women fight to protect that right, and where we can speak our mind freely.

And we hope that today, and every day after this, you throw yourself at life with all the reckless inhibition of a child running through a mud puddle. Laugh. Splash around. Don’t be afraid to make a mess. And above all, roll around and enjoy yourself!

The She Reads team wishes you the best Fourth of July possible!

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  1. Miranda White July 4, 2012 at 10:17 am #

    Happy froth to you as well. I just loved the pictures. They reminded me so much of my childhood.The little one is so cute

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