What exactly does  She Reads  do?

Well, everything, of course. Trust us. We’re two women with ten children between us. We. Do. Everything.

But, you meant in regards to this site. Each month,  She Reads  offers three current titles as a featured book club selections each quarter. We work with a select number of publishers to get the best fiction available into the hands of as many readers as possible. We choose a number books per year as main selections and then review a handful of others throughout the month.

Why should I join  She Reads?

Because we’re awesome. And we’re funny. We know books and we find the best ones available before anyone else. And then we share them far and wide with readers like you.

We’ve gathered the smartest, kindest, wittiest group of book bloggers around to share the book love.

We provide all of this for free, to you, the die-hard, love-books-more-than-chocolate reader.

How do I get my novel featured on She Reads?

That might not be possible. Not because we don’t like you (we do!) or your book (we’re sure it’s awesome!) but because we have our book club selections picked many months in advance and rarely have openings. We are very strategic about the books we choose and when we choose them and with the time and space available to us simply can’t feature all the books we’d like to. We lose sleep at night over this.