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Book Club Discussion: The Girl You Left Behind

Jojo Moyes Collage

Today begins our book club discussion of THE GIRL YOU LEFT BEHIND by Jojo Moyes. We’re changing things up a bit this month and will be discussing the book in the comments section of this post. As usual our discussion will be led by the bright and lovely Tamara Welch. Make sure you follow her on Twitter and stop by her website.

Tamara has a few questions to get us started:

1. What do you think of the cover of The Girl You Left Behind? Does the cover entice you to read the book? Does the cover “fit” the book?

2. The Girl You Left Behind- what did you think the storyline was going to be about? Was it different than what you anticipated? Better? Worse?

3. The story is told in dual narrative. Do you like stories told in dual narrative? Was one story better than the other? Did you feel a connection to 1 character more than the other?

4. At the heart of the story is a painting. Has there even been a piece of art that you have had such a strong reaction to?

5. Can you understand why Liv did not want to give the painting back? Is Liv right? Wrong? What would you do?

6. What would you do for love? How far would you go for love?

7. Was the ending satisfying?

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Book Club Discussion For The Art Forger

Today is the day my friends! We’ll be discussing B.A. Shapiro’s compelling novel, THE ART FORGER, all day long on our discussion forum. It’s free to join and easy to participate. All you have to do is create a username and login. We would love for you to join us!

Also, a bit of wonderful news: book blogger Tamara Welch has agreed to come on board as our Online Book Club Leader. She won’t officially take over until next month but let’s give her a warm welcome!

And now I’m off to chat about Clair Roth, and Isabella Gardner, Degas, and world-class forgeries…

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Today Is The Day! Book Club Discussion for MAN IN THE BLUE MOON

Earlier this month we let y’all know about a few changes we are making to our monthly book club discussion. Instead of having smaller conversations about our featured book we decided to meet once a month (like your typical book club) and have one big online pow-wow. And today’s the day. We would love you to join us!

So grab a cup of coffee, my friends, and get cozy as we chat about Michael Morris’ acclaimed novel, MAN IN THE BLUE MOON. All participants in today’s discussion will be automatically entered to win a signed copy of the novel. (It would make a great Christmas gift).

How it’s going to work:

The actual conversation will take place on our online fourm, but feel free to share your questions on Twitter (using the #SRBookCLB hashtag) or on Facebook (tag us there as well).

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