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Two of our featured She Reads authors are enjoying good news this week.

The Shape of Mercy by Susan Meissner

On Saturday, Susan Meissner won the ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) “Book of the Year” award for her novel The Shape of Mercy. In March, The Shape of Mercy also won the ECPA (Evangelican Christian Publishers Association) “Book of the Year” award. Congratulations Susan on this much deserved award!

Eye of the God

Ariel Allison’s novel, Eye of the God, officially releases on October 1st, but the Smithsonian Institute is currently re-arranging the Hope Diamond display and the changes are creating a splash in the media. You can see what the Smithsonian staff is up to by clicking here.

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Fall 2009 Book Club Selection Number Three

She Reads is proud to present our third selection for Fall, 2009: Eye of the God by Ariel Allison!

Eye of the God by Ariel Allison

The world’s most spectacular museum heist, a cursed jewel, and a romance doomed to fail, all tied together with stunning historical fact, create the vast and intricate setting for the first-ever novel about the Hope Diamond.

According to legend, the Hope Diamond was once the eye of a Hindu idol named Rama Sita. When it was stolen in the 17th century, it is said that the idol cursed all those who would possess it. But that doesn’t stop the brilliant and ruthless Weld brothers from attempting to steal it from the Smithsonian. However, they are not prepared for Dr. Abigail Mitchell, the beautiful Smithsonian Director, who has her own connection to the Hope Diamond, and a deadly secret to keep. Abby soon realizes she alone holds the pieces to the complicated puzzle in this deadly game of illegal art collectors. Abby’s faith is put to the ultimate test as she confronts the father who abandoned her, the betrayal of the only man she has ever loved, and the possibility that she may lose her life because of the legendary gem.

When all is said and done, and the dust has finally settled over the last great adventure of the Hope Diamond, we understand the “curse” that has haunted its legacy is nothing more than the greed of evil men who bring destruction upon themselves. No god chiseled from stone can direct the fates of men, nor can it change the course of His-story.

Ariel Allison is the daughter of an acclaimed and eccentric artist, and given her “unconventional” childhood, had ample time to explore the intricacies of story telling. She was raised at the top of the Rocky Mountains with no running water or electricity (think Laura Ingles meets the Hippie Movement), and lived out the books she read while running barefoot through the sagebrush. Her mother read to her by the light of a kerosene lantern for well over a decade, long after she could devour an entire novel in the course of a day. Ariel first came to love Jesus through the power of story and she hopes to serve him as she writes her own.

Her first novel, Eye of the God, releases in October 2009, from Abingdon Press. She is the co-author of Daddy Do You Love Me: a Daughter’s Journey of Faith and Restoration (New Leaf Press, 2006), Jesus: Dead or Alive (Regal Books, 2009), and the Justin Case series of children’s books (Harvest House, 2010).

Although she speaks and writes, Ariel Allison is first and foremost the wife of Ashley, and mother of London, Parker, Marshall, and Colby. She has a penchant for adrenaline-infused madness such as rock climbing, running marathons, and jumping off bridges †” as if raising four pre-school boys were not adventure enough. When not plugged into her laptop, changing a diaper, or rescuing her dog from the death-grip of a toddler, Ariel is usually performing a little Kitchen Chemistry (fish tacos and crà ¨me brulee being her specialties). She and her family make their home in Texas, which is, according to her husband, the greatest state in the union.

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