Books And Music: The Playlist for The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry

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I didn’t have a playlist when I was writing The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry, but since I like reading other people’s playlists, I decided to make one anyway. I can imagine that if you listened to these songs chronologically (and hit pause/repeat a lot), they’d more or less provide you with a mini soundtrack for the novel.  I’ve given you some rough page and quote indicators of where the songs could go.

1. “Lloyd I’m Ready to Be Heartbroken” – Camera Obscura

“Amelia the bright-sider believes it is better to be alone than to be with someone who doesn’t share your sensibilities and interests.” — p. 8

2. “Sometimes a Pony Gets Depressed” – Silver Jews

“The difficulty of living alone is that any mess he makes he is forced to clean up himself.” — p.  19

3. “Adventures in Solitude” – The New Pornographers

“I’m not what you’d call an alcoholic, but I do like to drink until I pass out at least once a week.” — p. 35

4. “Simple Twist of Fate” – Bob Dylan

“Surely the owner of this bundle will return at any moment with an explanation that makes perfect sense.”— p. 49

5. “The Infanta” – The Decemberists


6. “September Gurls“– Big Star

“I’m the queen of lost causes, though.” — p. 91

7. “Left Alone” – Fiona Apple

“That’s one of those things you say to sound smart, right? But really you’re trying to make someone else feel stupid.” — p. 107

8. “Summer’s Life” – The Shaky Hands

“That June, the good weather makes A.J. and Amelia forget these and other objections.” — p. 134

9. “Garden Rose” – Lavender Diamond

“What kind of pipe is that?” – p. 147

10. “In Spite of Ourselves” – John Prine & Iris DeMent

“A good marriage is, at least, one part conspiracy.” – p. 155

11. “Everyday I Write the Book” – Elvis Costello

“He’d like to leave them before they leave him.” – p. 166

12. “Thirteen” Elliott Smith

“I know my mom. She always likes to carpool.” – p. 182

13. “We Used to Wait” – Arcade Fire

“What is so great about the times?” – p. 216

14. “It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” – R.E.M.

“Well, the thing is, I rather like your brain.” – p. 243

15. “Dead & Born & Grown” – The Staves

“In the end, we are collected works.” – p. 249

16. “Arrivals” – Aqualung

“…the owners won’t take what they can’t sell.” – p. 257

17. “Innocent When You Dream (78)” – Tom Waits

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