A Room of Her Own – The Writing Space of Lynda Rutledge

Despite the fact that I’m still pining away for an office of my own, I’m not so bitter and twisted that I can’t appreciate a great creative space when I see one. And this month’s featured author, Lynda Rutledge, was kind enough to share hers with us. She has this to say about her lovely little office:

“I live outside Austin on the side of a hill in what’s aptly call the Texas hill country.   My office is a little room with French doors two convenient steps from the kitchen. Its big double windows said: “Write Here. “

The view from my keyboard out those windows is the front porch with an honest-to-Gawd porch swing, the 1/2 acre downhill wild area I call a front yard, and the illusion it all creates that I’m all alone in the world with whatever muse that might show up to play with the deer, lizards, tarantulas, and hummingbirds under the sun, sun, sun. Which sounds pretty good until it hits 100 outside, when the two steps to the kitchen and its margarita-making blender comes in mighty handy.  The little dancing figure? It’s a tiny mannequin I contort to mirror how my writing is going. This must have been a good day.

Something you can’t (quite) see: I’m an antsy writer so I have a desktop/laptop set up. I sit;  I stand; I do back-flips; I move with the nervous energy. So I have an oversized Mac screen (bottom left) and a wireless keyboard that I hook up to the laptop perched on a pedestal table you see. I can unhook and go when I need to move-move-move.

Something I wrote here? Well, thank you for asking. See the screen? Just in: That’s the first glimpse of the designed title page of my novel with  Amy Einhorn Books/Putnam. It’s about antiques, death, bargains, and God.  Of course, it’s the Great American Novel…yeah, okay, maybe not. But you never know what you might find at a garage sale, right?”  

You can read an except of FAITH BASS DARLING’S LAST GARAGE SALE here.

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  1. Bonnie Grove May 25, 2012 at 10:17 am #

    An inspiring view! Hoping for an office with a door one day (though, my desk is in the living room beside the front door, so hey, it’s a door). Thanks for sharing!

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