A Room Of Her Own: The Writing Space of Joshilyn Jackson

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My office is a converted sun porch off the back of our painted brick 50’s bungalow. It is all windows on two sides. We live right by a bird sanctuary; the yard is rife with the feathery little boogers. I put a feeder on the window just above Mango—my main personal assistant, mostly in charge of yacking hairballs directly into my printer—and all day long I have wrens and finches and even a few cardinals pertly sitting just above his cat basket.

mango at the bird box

I like to work with animals around me. My husband says the number of animals I need to be happy is best represented by X + 1, where X is the number of animals I have now. Currently X is three, and I am in the market for a tuxedo kitten. If we don’t find the right kitten, my back up plan to is to agitate for a Ball Python, a breed of snake known for being docile and amenable to being handled. If I get one, I am going to name him Sippy Cups.

The truth is, I need a bunch of little heartbeats in the house or I get very low, very fast. I am more an extrovert than most writers, and my job means a lot of alone time.

room of her own books

On the floor, you can see my secondary assistant, Ansley. She’s in charge of making pig noises and being anxious. Behind me is a futon, where Bagel-Dog, my tertiary assistant in charge of snoozing does his work, and floor to ceiling bookshelves holding the books I love enough to keep. I took a picture of one random section piece of my shelves because I love peeping other people’s book shelves and figured you might, too.


3 Responses to A Room Of Her Own: The Writing Space of Joshilyn Jackson

  1. Alison Law November 27, 2013 at 10:17 am #

    I still can’t get over that Mango Cat sleeps in a cat bed on top of your desk. My cats would never agree to something so conventional.

  2. Tenessa November 27, 2013 at 10:17 pm #

    My desire is ALWAYS for just one more fur baby. I would be happiest covered head to foot in live furries that want to be my own personal pets. So I completely understand the need. Having had several ball pythons, I can recommend them highly. Iguanas and water dragons are good reptilian pets, as well.

  3. Katrina Stonoff November 27, 2013 at 10:17 pm #

    Joshilyn! We have all the same books!!

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